Monday, 12 November 2018

The Green Mechanic - Prologue

"Of things faire and far, the Green Mechanic show that the innate order and turn of the Imperivm decline, alfo the trve way forward and growth of the Great God regarding rebirth, hence preventing mans rvin and fall." 

(Treatise on Bio Lyfecirculus and Man, Magus Clerke)


Within the structures of the research biologis sector of the forge world Mars, the Magos are left to their academic pursuits, collectives and apo-librarium, allowing research, consensus and debate within the society and publish key investigative insight to the records, scriptures and puretek allowances of the Red Planet, driving a wider societal adherence to the Machine God teachings.

It was within this relatively open air of academia, work and collaborative approach that Magos Clerke chose to undertake his Shumi bursary research work into the biologis cycle, the study of ancient musings upon this theme and sustainable ethos of tek growth. 

Working alone deep within Archi-Fond X-IML-3I, Magos Clerke eventually emerged with his paper on this theme, concerning that which, according to his research:

- The natural circle of life was the essence of basic humanity, therefore, Mankind, by virtue of having cut Himself off from the natural order of things, by suppressing all nature upon the ground of Terra, as well as on colonized planets during his winged spread outwards, had forgotten the concept of humanity being part of the natural world.

- Thus reducing his ability to sustain and to adapt to the local, regional, environmental and biological conditions Man had found himself upon and was therefore stunting the growth of His Kind accordingly. 

- The Machine God doctrines, likewise, promoted a removal of the flesh from the green and to be replaced with harsh metallics and ore, rather than connecting with the biologis natvre inherent in the variety of locale Man now held. 

- All knowledge is no knowledge against the natural regrowth and rebirth of the Biologis Way. 

- To Sustain is To Endure.

The key example of this theory was indeed the most clear - was not the Emperor of Mankind being held within stasis and held alive unnaturally, therefore not allowing a natural lifecycle and rebirth within His chosen vehicle of return in a natural form at some point in future, allowing the next stage of Imperial flowering and Mankinds expansion? Was this not an affront to the natural order of life and, therefore, could be considered academically as a reason for mankinds regression from the Crusade and Campaign of Enlightenment back into a dark age state of permanent war and nigh extinction?

This had been expected to be a provocative and controversial point of discussion, but dear Magos Clerke had not expected to receive as much of an aggressive reception as he received, being not just considered BLASPHEMOUS, but outright HERESY.

Within short time, the societal air had broken into of supporters and detractors, with the concept finding much worth within the more progressive elements of both the Machine God and Imperial Ecclesiastical groups as a concept with a key element of the truth behind the thinking. 

Nevertheless, the more reactionary elements demanded Magos Clerke be brought to a panel of seniors and give an account of himself and defend his work at the High Court of Deteckh SenCha.

Our dear Magos, now Magus, recognising a kangaroo court when he saw one, chose not to answer this summons, but fled into obscurity, taking his research records with him and his close associates, each disappearing into the separate corners of the sector to evade heretickal status.

Crucially, however, the research papers were condensed into a pamphlet broadcast and sent out under a variety of loosely scrambled vox casts, to allow the concept to promulgate where it would and to pan its way through the ether, giving rise to underground Green Kvlts and biophiliac cells throughout the region.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Small Update

Quick update for the five people that frequent this sorry excuse for a blog - I've changed the title and address of the blog, as it came to me in a flash and I had to use it.

You get bonus points for knowing where it comes from WITHOUT LOOKING.

Looking? Nil Points.

Monday, 22 October 2018

American Civil War - Union Army

Finally got a set of models finished. You don't know how much of an impact going from about 10 hours a week for hobby time to an hour a week - under pressure - really has, when one has been used to cranking through projects and models at a decent rate.

So - at last - got a brigade finished. This is Union for the ACW game in Dec and forms the basis of my own regiments. Still got plenty to finish before the day (casualties, terrain, fences, as many other units as I can crank out) but at least the base of my stuff is done.

Need to tidy up and finish off some Confederacy too, but that'll come in time.

Of course, the blazing BLAZING sun yesterday meant that most of my hastily snapped photos weren't quite useable, so just the single shot.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Evokation of Place #2

Jackie and Julians house, Cheyne Walk, London.

Tell the world we're not in.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Destroy the 9th!! - American Civil War Scenario

After the disaster of the assault on Poville, the remnants of the Confederate 9th Brigade have retreated back into the plains to regroup and to strike out afresh, re-assembling around the grounds of Scaplehorn Farm. Scaplehorn is located on the edge of Cherokee forest, being used as a Confederate regional supply house.

Meanwhile, the Union has sent a number of brigades out in pursuit, with orders to destroy or capture the enemy force when they engage, so as to maintain the currently held area of North Carolina and to preserve the current railway network feeding the war effort in the region

Feeling flush with his recent victory at Poville and receiving word from his scouts, Major Richard E Grant, pushes his forces forward towards Scaplehorn to consolidate and gain an expected decisive victory over the stragglers of the 9th. His forces arrive and prepare to deploy casually the next morning. After all, these johnny rebs have faced him before, and offer nothing but the most futile of resistance.

Hearing of the defeat at Poville  and being the closest allies in the area, Colonel R Crenna of the 5th NC Division has struck out from Wilkesboro to reinforce and cover the retreat of this force, hoping to arrive in time and relieve the 9th from any further harassment by Union forces.

Under his authority is two brigades, the 17th Georgian and the 23rd North Carolina with the 23rd being local to the region and their general, Jeremiah Josiah Prodworthy, being able to advise on the surrounding terrain and regional layout, so as to speed their arrival and choose the best route of relief...............

Venue: Old Sergeant, Wandsworth
Date/Time: 16th December 2018. 12pm arrive and setup.

Table Size: 8x6


The Confederate 9th are holed up around the region of Scaplehorn Farm and start the game deployed within this area, situated towards the South Eastern quarter of the table.

The Union brigades all begin the game deployed in full along the North Western table edge, up to 16" into the table. Skirmishers and Scouting units may deploy ahead of their main brigade, if available.

The reinforcing Confederate brigades may decide prior to the Union deployment whether they choose to advance onto the table from the Eastern or Southern region and from where in the terrain and when they do so. This is written down and remains a secret until the forces move onto the table at the beginning of the turn. They may arrive apart or together, depending on what the choice of the CIC is on the day.

Confederate brigades should be aware that force marching to the table will result in exhausting their troops. Any brigade that deploys on turn 2 will be considered Exhausted. Turn 3 will have a 1 in 4 chance of being exhausted. Turn 4 and onwards, the units are considered to have rested on the way and make their way to the field of battle in good order.

Exhausted - The unit is unable to make more than a single move per command. This lasts until the GM considers a likely amount of time for the men to have regained their energy has expired and takes into account the exploits of the regiments on the table.

Union Considerations - you are to wipe out the remnants of the 9th, show no mercy and put the farmhouse to the torch in order to prevent this area being used by the enemy.

Confederate Considerations (9th) - hold and defend the farmstead until the hoped for relief force arrives. If things get too hairy, withdraw in good order via the south eastern region of the table. The loss of the supplies held at Scaplehorn, as well as its tactical location, will have a profound effect on our efforts in this region and must be defended.

Confederate Considerations (23rd & 17th) advance and relieve the farm, engaging with any enemy that may be encountered. Assist with the withdrawal in good order.

Union CIC - Major J M McDonnell (Rob)

Union 1 - Captain R E Grant (Rob)
Union 2 - Captain Ambrose Stark (Phil)
Union 3 - Captain Jeremiah Josiah Prodworthy (Erik)

Confederate CIC - Colonel R E Crenna (???)

Confederate 1 -  (Richard)
Confederate 2 - (John)
Confederate 3 (9th) - Beige

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Wargaming in Film #1 - Callan

Callan, the old spy/hitman telly series got, as all TV series did in the 70s, a big screen version. 

The difference here from our usual fayre is that our hero, Callan - an utter bastard - is also a wargamer. As was Edward Woodward, in fact, as its apparently his table and minis seen on screen in long pornographic shots of table display (his stuff was made by Peter Gilder)

Callan, retired off from black ops and in a crappy accountancy job, drinking too much and wanting an out, gets contacted by the old firm. They've a job for him. He gets back in shape, works out how to do it, then carries out the hit.

The key point for us is that when he makes contact with the hit (the chap works in the same building), the fellow is a wargamer! So they bond over this and the final scenes play out across the games table as they both try and work each other out.

Lots of scenes of Callan pondering how to deal with killing someone he genuinely likes and, well, has a superb games table and could be a regular opponent. This is filmed over scenes of him casting lead......not his own bullets, oh no, but his own miniatures. 

It was 1974 after all and you have to DIY or die then (literally!). Still - Casting whilst reading a history of the American Civil War and surrounded by paints, brushes and glues? They've got the detail of being a gamer down to a tee.

I enjoyed it, but its a cheapo film. Edward Woodward is always good for the money and him playing a cold bastard is always good value. This lead to him becoming the Equalizer later (directly from this role), so yeah - the Equalizer in his early years.

You know what? I think I might watch it again.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

95th Rifles

The shame of my gaming cupboard is my Napoleonic armies, which are both:

1 - Massive
2 - Unpainted

Real monkey on the back, especially the masses and masses of cavalry I have. Its built at least, but part of the "no painted no tabletop" rule I've put in for myself is ensuring that these aren't getting played.

They take ages though, don't they, Napoleonic? Bloody ages with the straps and facings and all that. So when I do get the itch to paint some of it, I need to take advantage of that and get working!

Started with something nice and easy - especially now I'm a bit more sufficient with planning for painting en masse and getting armies cranked out.

95th it is to start then. Mainly because they take about an hour to hammer out a small unit of 9. Took the opportunity to rebase these onto 40mm multiple rounds as well, because I'd originally put them on 20mm squares and it didn't look quite right.

First unit below. I've another, but they can wait until I've done a few line regiments to break up the endless red.