Tuesday, 15 January 2019

They Came From the Woods! Mordheim Scenario

Settlers of Soare have to maintain a guard. A watchful peace, but from time to time, something does happen.......

The construction of villages and attempt at a settled society is always a fragile affair, but the years pass and things seem to quieten, but that does not mean safety.

Within the woods, the graves and the fen, eyes watch, hunger takes and the offence of watching a community grows until, eventually..........the beast appears to pillage and reclaim the land of the dead

Date: Sunday 7th April 2019, from 12pm
Venue: The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

Table Size: 8x4

Rules: Mordheim (let me know if you need a copy - there is one on scribd though)


Attacker choices: Beastmen/Undead/Possessed/Evil Humans
Defender choice: Humans/Witch Hunters/Sisters/Bretonnians

Weirdness, oddities and unusual concepts are encouraged - let me know if wanting to do something different and we'll work it into the game.


The Village is in the middle of a clearing, surrounded on three sides by woods, with a clear gap from the village to the woods. Graves, Death Houses and the Crypts of Soare are situated to one side of the village.

The defenders deploy first, within the village and surrounding walls.

Attackers are not deployed onto the table, but use their first move to emerge from the surrounding woods wherever they feel is suitable for them, on any of the three sides of the table.

Attacker Considerations: The village is an offence, the inhabitants little more than food or fuel. You must destroy the buildings by putting them to the torch, destroy all you see and make good work of it.

Defender Consideration: This is your life, your families, your homes, your community. You have to defend or lose everything.

Attacker takes first turn

Warband Rules and Upgrades

Each warband has 500 gold points to spend, in the usual way.

To make some unique character for warbands, each player has 10 "points" to spend on the following:

A point for a piece of special equipment from the rare items list
A point for a characteristic upgrade, up to the maximum allowed for races in the rulebook.

These can be spent as the player wishes throughout the warband, spread throughout or stacked as you like, but keeping solidly to Rule #1 please.

Additional rules

Burning buildings - any attacker may spend a full turn in contact with a building and do nothing else but setting it on fire. Conversely - a defender, if situated near a well, may spend a turn in contact with a building and do nothing but fight the fire and put it out.

Defenders to not have to take rout tests. They'll die on this hill.

Skeletons: Additional troop type for undead warbands. Stats below, may be equipped as per the undead equipment list. Same points cost as a Zombie.

M: 4
WS: 2
BS: 2
S: 3
T: 3
W: 1
I: 2
LD: 5

Cause Fear, May Not Run.

Monday, 14 January 2019


Made some nice clumpy bramble terrain, as this months Azazelx painting challenge - https://azazelx.com/2018/12/24/january-2019-paint-challenge-terrain-centrepiece-models/ - is one based around making terrain, so I thought I'd follow through on an idea I've had for a while.

Brambles - nice easy, multi purpose terrain, fits almost anything and is a nice bit of table dressing. Noones gonna argue about them being an utter pain to try and move through!

Theres also the whole matter of brambles being protection from vampires, an utter annoyance to Lucifer, warding off evil spirits and being full of healing power.

Here they are, tastefully modelled by the Duke of Wellington..........


Had a couple of spare bits of MDF I've had laying around for.............7 years. Formed those into a suitable shape, coated with sand and PVA glue. Once that had dried, I painted them first in a lighter sand colour, then washed a dark brown over the top. 

Once that had dried, I drybrushed back up with the sandy colour for some definition. Then washed again with a brown all over, then washed particular areas with a greeny colour to add some variety.

Next stage - I've a load of spare rubberised horse hair I bought a year or two ago and done nothing with really. Vile stuff, to be honest, but it looks good. Sprayed these dark brown and then got busy with the glue gun and glued big patches of that onto the bases.

After that - greenery. Now, most of my trees (the good looking ones, anyway) are made with flock and rubberised horse hair, which is what made me purchase some for myself, even though this is the first project I've used it for.

As my trees are all stored in plastic boxes and over the years of use, lots of the flock had come loose and gathered into a large dusty, sweeping, pile at the bottom. Emptied that out, dabbed the vines with PVA and scattered the flock liberally on top.

Finally, added some tufts and random growths that I've got kicking around and "Ole, we're in Rio" -  one set of brambles for next to nothing.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Undead Vault ov Doom

After a bit of chatter over at the ever fantastic Aaronorium blog - found here https://talesfromtheaaronorium.com/2019/01/11/nighthaunt-heroes/ - about shameful storage solutions for our precious mini warriors that we love so much, I thought I'd put the mass grave up that my undead army resides in.........

Look at that beauty. LOOK CLOSE.

Theres at least 28 years worth of undead in there, my most loved........if not looked after........army. All manner of stuff and the only army I've managed to hold on to throughout the years

Two points:

1. This pic was taken after I'd gotten the box out of the deep stasis field the other day and taken out 78 skeletons, 20 wights, 24 ghouls and a plague cart. So its quite light!

2. This is actually the luxury accommodation, as they spent the years 1996-2008 being hauled around in an even shabbier cardboard box with even less protective bubble wrap that holds no bubbles.

Phase them? Nope, these boys were kicking some solid arse on the table, laying waste to all and sundry. Feared, this lot was, truly feared.........not just the laughable paint jobs, which span roughly 1992 - 2010 an’ all.

So, what was I doing getting the ol’ ball and chain out? Well, I've developed an interest in perhaps tidying them up and putting some renewed necromantic love into them, repairing and repainting where needed. Breathe new life, so to speak.

Theres all sorts of stuff in there in varying states. It seems I'd got busy with the dettol at some point (ten years ago, my guess) and for some reason stripped all of the decent paint jobs my teenage self had done, whilst leaving all of the ropey old shite intact. Why? who

Nagash is in there somewhere - ask him!

Of course, none of this was on my "2019 list" but thats what always happens, frankly.........

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Cemetery of Soare - Setting

The cemetery of Soare........the city of the dead.........the houses on the borderland.

During the events of '99 and the proximity of the Curs'd City and the dangerous environs surrounding that place, the people found it had become too much to stay there. Whether roaming bands of fanatics, howlers and beasts, or the soil itself becoming corrupted and the water contaminated, they had to move.

In their desperation they chose Soare. Its walls would provide a degree of safety, its environs unpleasant at first, but they would get used to living with the dead. They would have to.

Unpleasant, but practicable............

Soare its'lf is two days journey from end to end on foot, as the crow flies, covering a range of terrain, from the more densely constructed tomb regions, to the open meadows waiting to be built upon but not touched, to the forest encroaching on the Eastern Quarter, to the thickets and mist.

Two days.........by the crow, but the road twists, breaks and splinters. Losing someone is easy and they may never be found, as there are more inhabitants of Soare than just the restless dead..........who knows what beasts have made home in the unmapped sections? The path is long.

The people had no choice. They had to go somewhere...............

20 years on, villages have risen, not entirely isolated, but solitary. Much of the open land has been cultivated.........but the depths still contain dangers.

Let alone should other travellers decide to enter the walls of the grand city.

In past times, the records of Soare construction were lost when the City fell, the reasons why were lost but remain visible to those who care to look upon the ley of the land, the ancient waters found within and the green chapels of the woods.

A determined crusade could clear the walls and create a haven, but who will lead, gather and coordinate the people? They have enough strains for daily life in this strange environ.

There are many entrances to this borderland.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

The Rules

1. Build character, not combos.
2. The game is an output of people’s time and work.
3. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Battle of Scaplehorn Farm

The game described in the scenario here was fought out in full blooded fashion and good humour all round.

Lasted a good 4 hours from opening till conclusion, with war cries given, teeth gnashed and tears of glory or woe, depending on which side of the dice you were on.

All in all, a bit of a classic battle.

Overview of the table as set up commenced.

The deployments in action were that the 9th Confederate Brigade were stationed in the region of Scaplehorn farm and supply depot, holding until the two relief brigades were coming into the area - although neither the Union nor the 9th knew quite exactly where or when they were going to be turning up.

The Union deployed in a long line, using the full length of the table to attempt to envelope the farm. The general plan being for the central brigade to advance, clear out the 9th and take the farm, whilst the left flank advanced in rapid order, lending support where needed and preparing to stifle the advance of the relief Confederate brigades where possible. The right flank would do much the same, but in a more rapid motion, being cavalry based.

The Union Centre

Union Left Flank

Union Right Flank

The face off.

To say that the opening for the Union was a misfire is an understatement........first roll of the game and Major Bert rolled a classic with a blundered order, making his entire brigade advance a full move to their left flank. He Hearned it!

 errr...............boys, weren't you supposed to be advancing towards the enemy??

The left flank also had trouble with orders and advanced with few units, whilst the right flank moved at a halting pace accordingly.

 Piecemeal advance

Still some time.............

In return, the Confederates opened fire and began to prepare for the inevitable wave that would (eventually) reach them.

It begins.

Eventually, the advance was made and firefights began to break out from all across the line, with a plucky unit of Reb Zouaves putting up a stubborn resistance. Where were the relief columns??

 Sharpshooters doing some work

 Reserve holding back for The Right Moment

 Union Right Flank takes the fencing

A wave of troopers coming at 'em

 Union Zouaves begin to get around the flanks

 Its a massive Zouave off in the centre......

 But can they hold?

Its just a matter of time, no?

Finally, the sound of the Confederates Relief  arrival was heard............except there was only one? Where'd the other one get too? Oh, I see, you split forces to attempt a trap. But wheres........uh oh, is that a blunder roll a I see? Oh well.....next turn then

Reinforcements on the Confederate Left begin to advance onto the table

 Reb Zouaves still holding out in the centre, just.

Here comes the backup on the left! But wheres the other one?

Huge amounts of firefighting erupt all along the lines, with the 9th stubbornly holding onto the farmhouse, the Union right pushing forward to attempt to counter the Reb relief and the Union right attempting to move to counter the expected second relief column, but having a bit of a traffice jam with a distracted Major McDonnell giving confused orders.

 Better late than never, eh?

Confederate left moving up to support the farm. Its all kicking off royally now. 

 Firefight in the centre continues - they just won't shift!

Union begin to make ground

The Confederate left deploy into line and begin a second firefight.

That could spell trouble.......FIYAAH! Only a madman would charge into the middle of that!


Well, the Union horse made it through the firestorm, got twatted by endless amounts of cannon fire and then wiped out a couple of cannon, before being wiped from the face of history. Victors, but only in legend.

More and more pressure began to come in from the Confederates and we'd reached the point of the battle when the line begins to sway on both sides and its about who can make the decisive breakthrough. Reserves were deployed. Oaths were muttered. Knuckles were whitened.

Union centre begins to push and take control of the farmhouse

The Reb Zouaves in the centre are finally destroyed, but is it too late?

The Union right begins to crumble before eventually breaking and falling back. A whooping and a hollerin' goes up from the Southerners.

A vicious firefight continues from the Confederate right flank. Now the farm is clear, Union begins to reform to take the fight head on.

 Overview of the centre right from the Rebel view

The large unit of Confederates forms up in the middle to hold the line.

 Confederate skirmishers leap into the gap left by the Zoauves and cause havoc

The ongoing firefight with the Union left continues, with the Union beginning to take more and more casualties.

Union Zouaves leap the wall and take advantage of the cover.

The rebel left flank swings around and takes advantage of the space left open from the retreating brigade, forcing a deployment of the reserves in the centre.

Eventually, the Union casualties began to take toll, units were coming apart piecemeal........the remaining two Union commanders gave each other a look and decided to make a final push to attempt to break the lines once and for all. ACTION OVER INACTION.

Sadly..........and in spite of forcing a few units to retreat in good order, this wasn't enough and the Union found a number of units wiped out in short order, breaking both brigades, leaving the field with a win for the Confederate

 Union left- just Zouaves and ancillary units left. Best pull those cannons back to the rear, gentlemen.

 Union centre...........its all gone. Just the single unit left for a fighting withdrawal.

 Confederates throw hats in the air and make the victorious advance.

 Confederate right.........battered, but not broken. Almost though, almost.

 Confederate centre. Thats what victory looks like.

The Confederate left, at the end. 


A great game. One for the ages. It was difficult to keep a track of what happened across the full table, mainly due to the amount of actions happening and the ferocity of the fighting (I was in control of the Union left, so had little idea of what was going on over on the right hand side of the field)

Great table, great armies - all painted - great company and a damned good Christmas 2018 game.

Till the next one!